Salt Lake, today 40% of our country's salt needs are provided region. The lake is therefore known as a touristic and commercially important lake. As face measurement Turkey's second largest lake It is here. The lake is located in the deepest part of a tectonic cupping and has plateaus around.

When you arrive in the area, you can visit the lake and also buy from the lake's health products. There are various cosmetic shops at the entrance of the lake. From here you can buy or try creams made of different minerals and produced by the lake, which actually really softens the hands. Then you can start & nbsp; walk on the lake & nbsp; barefoot. The salt you feel on your feet will give you a very interesting feeling. As you walk on the lake, you will see that your skin softens like the cream you've tried. This is extremely natural. & Nbsp; minerals on the lake nourish your skin.