1. Uranos Sarıkaya Restaurant
2. Chez Galip Tile Ceramic Workshop
3. Guray Museum
4. Stone bridge
5. Wooden Bridge
6. Hair Museum
7. Devrent Valley
8. Zelve Open Air Museum

Avanos is one of the districts of Nevşehir. The name Avanos; In the period of Assyrians, Venassa - Nenassa, Zu - Vinessa during the Hittites period, Enez - Evenez - Uvenez during the Seljuk period, Vanote in the Byzantine period and Seljuk Turks with the Seljuk Turks take the name of Evranos Bey - one of the commanders of the Seljuks. In the Ottoman period, Avanos is being transformed. While visiting Cappadocia, you will see names like Venassa and Evranos on many signs. Know that these names are the old names of Avanos. Do not look at the most distant area of Cappadocia on the map, only 15 minutes from Urgup.

 Avonos Vip Taxi

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Devrent Valley

Other name Dream Valley The Devrent Valley is the place where the fairy chimney is in the form of a camel used in many Cappadocian shows. They were surrounded by fences to prevent their destruction by visitors. In fact, all the valleys in Cappadocia have their own characteristics, but the fairy chimneys that make this valley special are similar to many animals or different objects.

You will see camels brought by the villagers in this area. You can take photos with camels. Since the Devrent Valley is approximately 10 to 15 minutes from Avanos, you need to use a private car or taxi to get to the valley because there is no public transport you can go to. Location Click for.


Historic Stone Bridge

It was commissioned in 1900 with the contribution of the Sultan of Avanos in 1898 with the contributions of Arif Bey. The stones used at the feet of the bridge were brought from the regions of Çeç and Montenegro, near Avanos. The bridge standing on 11 feet has survived to the present day with no wear. You don't know much about it, but since you're already in Avanos, you're going to see you standing up. Location Click for.


Wooden Bridge

1973 yılında 180 metre uzunluğunda 2.30 metre eninde olan köprü demir ayaklar üstüne ahşap kullanılarak yapılmış. Kızılırmak Nehri’nin her iki tarafını da gezebilmenizi sağlayan bu köprü, siz yürürken hafif sallanması ile meşhur. Çok etkileyici bir şey olduğunu söyleyemeyiz ama gondol turu yapacaksanız zaten köprüyü kullanarak diğer yakaya geçmeniz gerekecek. Konum için tıklayın.


Saç Müzesi

This museum doesn't look like the museums you know, because it is considered by Guiness among the world's strange museums. The museum is actually a part of Chez Galip Gals pottery.

The story of the Museum of Hair, covered with more than 16,000 women's hair strands, is quite romantic. When a French woman and her beloved Galip Bey were returning to her country, she cut a pair of hair out of her hair and hung them against the wall. Day by day visitors continue to cut their hair and continue to drop here. People who want to participate in the draw twice a year also write their personal information on a piece of paper with their hair cut. In the event that your name comes out in the draw, they invite you to Cappadocia again and pay a week's vacation.

Taking pictures in the museum is forbidden. The reason for this is that a few people who came here to visit were taking the contact details of people under the pretext of taking photos and starting to disturb them. It is forbidden to take photos in the museum as a result of the sued persons filing a lawsuit against Galip Bey. & Nbsp; The museum is open to visitors from 08.00 to 19.30 hours seven days a week. Location Click for.


Zelve Open Air Museum

If you want to see the same place and also the churches and mosques that have different beliefs, and the understanding and tolerance to each other and their religions, we call the Zelve Open Air Museum. The ruins of Zelve are the most common and most beautiful fairy chimneys. You can go hiking here or visit this valley with one of the different safari programs. Location Click for.


Underground Ceramic Museum - Güray Museum

The world's first and only underground ceramic museum Going to Güray Museum, you can see the works of world famous ceramic artists, the small finds from the region, ceramic and pottery works of the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Byzantine and Ottoman periods, and you can watch the artists in their workshops. Entrance fee of the museum is 5 TL. Location Click for.


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