An Adventure at the Summit; Erciyes Ski Resort

Kayseri Erciyes ski center, one of the most popular routes of winter season holidays in recent years, is the winter holiday representative of Central Anatolia Region. Erciyes, which is a full-fledged entertainment and sports center with its professional runways, magnificent hotels, barbecue restaurants and cable cars, enables us to make the best of nature's gift to us with its white cover.

A Look at Erciyes

Erciyes is the highest mountain in the region with a height of 3910 meters. The mountain, which can be seen from all over the city, adds a different beauty to the city. Erciyes ski center is very ideal in terms of snow thickness. With its generous snow thickness that changes according to the seasonal conditions, it offers an excellent opportunity for ski lovers. In the center with 34 different ski runs, the tracks are divided according to the degree of difficulty. So this place is ideal for both professional skiers and holidaymakers. The Erciyes ski resort is also quite generous in terms of runway length. There are even runways of 300 meters, 2575 meters long. The season usually lasts from December to March. Erciyes offers ski resort prices, runway richness, magnificent nature, accommodation, dining options and the most ideal. If you don't have a team, don't worry. There is also a chance to rent clothes, sled or ski suit in Erciyes ski center. You can reach Erciyes Ski Center ski rental prices in the most current form.

And we must say you're safe here. The Erciyes ski center maintains the highest level of safety with a 25-person track safety team on 34 different tracks. If you have a fear of falling, getting lost, you're likely to encounter a runway safety that will extend your hand.